how do we do this

As curators of atmospheres, we want to see you thrive in your creativity by providing you with:

Through workshops, sound baths, creative events, devotional icons, and more, we seek to keep the queue of your inspiration full. To provoke you into creating works that fuel your devotion and the devotion of others. As a collective, we want to design and host captivating experiences and exhibitions that push people down the rabbit hole into a wonderland of kingdom expression.

As we host presence and honor the Creator, we can co-create works of art that are more than just sensory ,but also convey a deep truth that alters our way of life. The works of our creators don’t just "wow their" audience, but carry the Presence in such a way as to leave their audience changed.

Our heart is to show humanity the beauty of Jesus.

The landscape of our culture reserves artist funding for the elite and ambitious, but we believe that honor and value for the arts can lead to a renaissance where art and faith are married once again. We do this through our sponsorship program called “Prism Patronage.” 

Our Kaleidoscope is a 3-mirror system made up of the 


We believe this relationship can create waves of change in how the modern world engages with creativity.



When we say community, what we really mean is family. Our hope is to model a lifestyle that allows artists to sustain true success even in high levels of exposure to the culture. That isn’t possible without an authentic apostolic community that grants you permission to be your most alive self: rooted in family, identity, honor, and devotion. 

Through collaborative opportunities, we prove that working as a unit is more fruitful than creating alone.