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Kaleidoscope Collective is an invitation into a world of no impossibility. 

The great exodus has begun: we are watching creators exit black and white mindsets to enter into the new wineskins of

Multicolored creators are emerging &  growing in:

wonder + color + authenticity

divine wisdom

creative brilliance  skill - blueprints

Not only do we want to create a culture of artists who are devoted to Yahweh, but also devoted to their craft. Perfectionism is the counterfeit of excellence. We believe in bringing artists to a place of finished pieces of work, not perfect ones. We believe that obedience to the Spirit is more potent than mere skill. We believe in honing in on your skills to create a deep well. To create in a way that isn’t afraid to offend, challenge, and make others ask questions. Art was meant to be provocative. 

As you partner with creative wisdom, we believe your works can affect the human heart in an eternal way.

common union

collaboration - family government

In order for a new creator story to bloom again, an exodus must take place. We must exit the thought patterns that have taught us the safety of conformity, the fear of failure, the crutch of brokenness, and the lie that the creative arts are just a hobby. We invite you to exit the stale world of religion that creates mediocre art that has a form of godliness, but no power. We invite you to exit the autonomous attitude that says we can build something all on our own, fueled by our desire for personal success, which often leads to compromise and burn out.

Whether it’s time, money, ability or energy, we must exit the mindsets that say we do not have enough. Life is abundant. 


undivided  - rest

The difference between a skilled artist and a spirit-led creator is that they create from a place of uncommon encounters. What they form with their words and hands is otherworldly because they are in union with the great Other, who is Yahweh. 

Their aim is not ministry, money, or success, but union with the one who is Love.


heal your trinity

As image-bearers, we believe we’re meant to be creators as He is creator—which is not just to create from a broken place, but a whole place. We believe that if you change the internal space from which you create, you can change the artistic expression that comes out. By engaging with the intersections between mind, soul, spirit, and body, we believe that whole artists can be the ones to change the whole globe. Many artists have crippled under the weight of “mainstream success”.  We want to see artists equipped to sustain the success and demand of life, while thriving and walking in integrity. 

We create from rest.