Here at Kaleidoscope, we’re not so much forward-thinkers as we are ancient ones. Our desire is to reflect + refract the image of Yahweh through everything we make. We want to show the world His true nature:

we are a family of creators

is the champion of the peculiar, the childlike, and the inventors of new boundaries. We believe that the blueprint to a whole new world is hidden within you, and it is our joy to give our lives to see creators come into the most authentic expression of who they are. Ultimately, creating is not about craft, it’s about culture. As we elevate creativity to its rightful place, we believe it will go forth as a holy order of the Lord, and have an eternal impact on the soul of humanity. 

Kaleidoscope Collective 

We are a family of creators on a pilgrimage to create works of art that are released from an ascended place of union with the Trinity. We are convinced that when there is no distinction between theology and creativity, then the sights + sounds of Heavenly Dimensions will come to us by way of inheritance, not by way of ambition and unrest. 


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It is our dream
to redeem transcendence in the arts through these uncommon ENCOUNTERS + CONVERSATIONS with the Creator Himself.

We're daring to dream that beholding beauty will lead to the enlightenment of the whole world.